Accidental Memes Discovered In Textbooks

We all remember being a kid, lazily looking through that musky ‘Science 101’ textbook with glazed-over eyes. Well, we might have missed out on a lot of great content while we weren’t paying attention in class, and I’m not talking about equations. Scrolling through the novelty Twitter account ‘Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts‘ is a truly delightful experience. Since the beginning of the year, @scienceshitpost has been sharing hundreds of snapshots that capture the very bizarre but otherwise innocuous charts, graphs, and illustrations in textbooks. The awkwardly cropped and often blurry photos immediately take on a meme-like quality when removed from their original context and dropped into rapid online circulation. It’s only a matter of time before the memelords transform some of these images into the hottest new format.

We’ve collected forty-three of our favorite accidental memes from @scienceshitpost. These hilarious treasures made us regret neglecting that outdated chemistry book!

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