Aesthetician Gets Roasted After Suggesting Multiple Cosmetic Procedures for «Stranger Things» Actor Natalia Dyer

More than any other point in human history, it’s pretty rough just having a normal face these days. Scrutinizing our appearance is no longer confined to when we look in the mirror; many of us spend our days squinting at that little box that contains our webcam when we’re on Zoom, or worrying about how weird our hair looks in that photo our friend tagged us in last weekend. It feels like many of us have a million and one reasons to care about looking as good as possible, and it’s becoming increasingly common that this involves things that go way beyond a spa day. 

Celebrities are probably the most notorious group for going under the knife/needle. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice what somebody wants to do with their body, especially if they’re in the public eye all the time. However, it’s not OK when other people take it upon themselves to makes these decisions for you. This was the overwhelming reaction when @np.miranda, an «advanced injector», shared a video showing everything she would change about the face of Stranger Things actor Natalia Dyer.

Most viewers were outraged that the professional felt she had the remit to share this with the internet, and didn’t shy away from saying so. Famous people may choose to put themselves into the public eye, but that doesn’t mean we should be allowed to pick apart every last one of their supposed physical flaws for the views. 

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