‘Am I the Drama?’: 21 Witty Therapy Memes for Red Flags (May 5, 2023)

Life throws us a bunch of hurdles, and we’re just expected to go with the flow and figure out how to deal with the ball the size of a town heading towards us at 50MPH an hour. How exactly do we plan to execute avoiding said ball? Well, memes, of course. Procrastination is the number one way to run away from your problems. Going to therapy is a close second, in the opposite direction. You basically run towards your problems and then deal with them, like a healthy person.

Being able to laugh about yourself is probably one of the biggest green flags there are. So, whether you are a therapist and are desperately looking for some memes you will be able to relate to, or whether you’re a patient who could definitely use some serotonin, there is a meme here for everyone. Scroll down to check out the best ones we’ve collected this week.

For more, here are some more witty therapy memes.

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