Amber Heard’s Getting Dragged To Hell On Her Birthday

The Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp divorce and domestic abuse saga feels like it’s been going on forever. While the pair split in 2016, we are still getting details about demise of the volatile pair’s relationship. Just a few days ago, Johnny Depp’s lawyer suggested that police body cam footage proves that Amber Heard had lied about Depp trashing their penthouse in a rage. While they both sound like pieces of work, many internet users and Depp fans (and Heard haters) have been trying to clear the actor’s name after learning of Heard’s dishonest and violent behavior. 

Those same haters have decided to give Amber Heard a birthday gift on Twitter. The gift? Loads and loads of scathing tweets marked with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayAmberHeard. The decidedly malevolent sentiments range from straight up insults to lengthy reminders of Heard’s many offenses. While it kind of stinks that this is even a thing, it’s nice to see a big group of people connecting over something. That doesn’t happen very often on Twitter, does it?

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