An Index of Permissible Memes

Memes are one of those things that are easy to accept into your heart. Whether hilarious, disgusting, life-affirming, or otherwise, memes come and go so quickly, making them a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. You might see a meme one day and never see it again as long as you live. On the other hand, some memes stay with you forever and ever despite your desire to let them evaporate into the annals of your subconsciousness, never to be seen again. One of the best things about memes is that they connect you to other people’s thought patterns. When I was a kid, I was amazed when I saw memes that articulated exact things I had experienced—relatable memes, if you will. It’s a testament to the power of an expansive internet community that memes can bring people together worldwide. While most memes are not the GOATS, there are many permissible memes to take in. 

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