Artist Takes Fandom to Next Level by Giving Toe a Minions-Inspired Makeover

Out of all the phenomena that 2022 has brought us so far, one of the most perplexing has to be Minion mania. The release of Minions: The Rise of Gru earlier this year, has conclusively proved that Gen Z have gone crazy for those quirky little yellow guys, even turning up to screenings in suits.

It’s strange, but it’s true; Minions are no longer reserved for the entertainment of little kids, and the memes of bored, middle-aged Facebook moms. They have inspired a whole fandom around them, and this has led to some interesting artistic interpretations. 

We’re talking even more creative (and much less crude) than Rule 34 here, such as the masterpiece produced by @strawbellie_arts. Documenting the process of giving their toe a Minion-inspired makeover on TikTok, the video racked up ten of millions of views, and a similar amount of impressed viewers. Alternatively inclined Gen Xers had their toe rings in the 90s, but they’re nothing compared to the tribute-based adornments on the digits of youg ‘uns today. 

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