Ash Wednesday Memes For Catholics Who Aren’t Giving Up Memes For Lent

Happy Ash Wednesday! Today is the day Catholics worldwide will go about their daily business with a smudge of dirt on their forehead, and I think that’s beautiful. I’m from one of the Protestant capitals of the world, so I did not know many Catholics when I was growing up. When I saw girls at school with ash on their foreheads, I assumed they did it themselves with some smokey eyeshadow. It wasn’t until I went to college that I met more Catholics than I had ever known. My college roommates taught me about confirmation names, first communion, confession, and so much more. 

Even though some aspects of Catholicism turn me off, I respect Lent. It gives you an opportunity to do your New Year’s Resolutions over again but for God this time! If you can’t give up something for 40 days, you might have a problem, and Lent allows you to challenge yourself and work through your weaknesses. If you are dawning ash on your forehead today, these Ash Wednesday memes will give your dusty self some laughs. 

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