Avril Lavigne Recreates Iconic Cover Of Debut Album ‘Let Go’ Twenty Years Later

No matter how much time passes and how many conspiracy theories swirl about her replacement, Avril Lavigne will always be the queen of mainstream skate punk. Pretty much anyone of a certain age can get misty eyed thinking about the sheer impact of early aughts bangers like Sk8er Boi and Complicated.

Her debut album Let Go was first released in June 2002, and so the singer felt it was only right to commemorate its momentous anniversary in some way. As a result, she decided to make a TikTok in which she recreated its iconic cover. Filming in the exact same place that the photograph was shot over two decades ago, viewers were hit with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia. Even the body double truthers couldn’t deny that it was pretty neat. The kind of music that defined an era, it seemed only fair that we got the reminder to rock on. 

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