Baristas Share Ridiculously Cursed & Complicated Beverage Orders

When I was a barista at a local coffee shop, I would roll my eyes at the type wealthy middle-aged woman who would order half-caf cappuccino at a very specific temperature. The order seemed so fussy and overly complicated – does halving the caffeine even make much of a difference? As I made the order I muttered to myself about Park Slope moms and their high maintenance ways. Some of them would request that I foam plant-based milk before foaming was even possible (they have come a long way, baby).  I thought I had it bad. But thanks to a Twitter thread started by @INTERNETM1LF, I’m realizing it could have been much, much worse. When she shared an order she received for 30 shots of espresso with 30 pumps of white mocha (WTF) and asked if she could legally prepare it, other baristas shared similarly insane coffee orders that range from incredibly complicated to borderline dangerous. Prepare to be disturbed. 

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