Bemused Passenger Shares Taxi Driver Facetiming Friend To Show Him How Beautiful She Is

Few transport options feel like more of a lucky dip than your average taxi. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking you to the airport or you’re just trying to get home from a debaucherous night on the town, you can come across some truly interesting (and occasionally odd) characters who are going to drive you there.

Sometimes, this can be a wonderful experience in which you end up learning about things you never even knew before. Oftentimes, it just involves a certain degree of awkward silence. There are that tiny percentage of rides, though, that can veer into some seriously strange territory. This was the case for @b3lovedd__, who endured a bizarre early morning taxi ride where her driver was very taken with her beauty. So much so, in fact, that he insisted on sharing it with his friend via FaceTime.

She captured some of this exchange in an extremely cringeworthy TikTok, where many viewers couldn’t quite believe what they were watching. They say flattery will get you anywhere, but this kind of weird behavior probably meant that she skipped out on giving a tip afterwards.

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