Boomer Accuses Younger Job Hunter of Laziness, Gets Yelled At In Public

Anyone who has applied for a job in the past couple of years knows it’s a very tricky process. So much goes into job hunting, and it’s not as simple as being the most qualified person for a position. Job interviews sometimes feel like they’re taking place in an alternate reality; how you articulate yourself must be carefully curated to make you sound like a good worker. It’s unnatural, but it’s a bare necessity if you’re going to get a job. With remote work becoming far more common, competition has increased exponentially, making it even harder to find work.If anyone doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a job-searching young person, it’s baby boomers. They often give weird advice about inquiring about applications in person and calling the interviewer post-interview to see if they have any answers. So many boomers see young people as lazy, despite that being the furthest from the truth. Redditor u/RoyalCamera12 came across such a boomer at a Mcdonald’s and decided to rip him a new one. 

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