Boss Tells Employee That «A Pat On the Back» is Better Than Being Paid For Overtime

Following a successful event, this boss sent their team a congratulatory email but weren’t prepared to handle the comments of their less-than-satisfied team members.

This thread was posted to Reddit’s r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/Beebjank, who asked their boss for compensation for the extra time that they had worked. Their boss’s response has them (and the internet) worked up. They posted the topic with the title ‘Asked my boss for a bonus after working overtime during one on the top 5 biggest events in my state.’ The post consists of several screenshots of an email thread between the boss and their team, the first screenshot shows the boss congratulating their team for a successful even, «including those that worked extra shifts to help with coverage.» They note the difficult working conditions that persisted during the event and thank the team for a ‘successful gallery opening.’ 

Following the congratulatory email u/Beebjank, a member of the team, responded to the email by asking «Does this mean we get a bonus?» Which prompted the boss’s reply. Worth noting that while the first two emails are sent to the entire team the boss chose to reply to u/Beebjank individually, which readers have noted is likely because they know their answer is transparent.

Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions.

Thumbnail Image: Mitchell Luo

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