Chief, The Adorable ‘Oreo Cloud’ Puppy, Is Growing Up To Be The 80lb Cookies & Cream Doggo Of Our Dreams (27 Adorable Dog Pics)

Hello everyone, are you ready for a sweet treat? Well, have we got something that’s going to hit the spot! Meet Chief, the ‘oreo cloud’ puppy that went viral on TikTok a little while ago. Well, now he’s all grown up and he’s HUGE! This adorable cookies & cream puppy grew up to be an 80-pound Chow Chow, and all we want to do is snuggle in his luscious, milky fur and stare into his beautiful eyes all day long!

We love all dogs equally, but we might just love Chief a little bit more. He’s just so special-looking, and he reminds us of our favorite ice cream flavor (oreo/cookies & cream). We have a special place in our hearts for oreos, which means we have a special place in our heart for Chief. He’s not the only unique-looking puppy we’ve talked about on this site, if you’re curious you should check out the Hmong puppy from Vietnam!

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