Child Mullet Competition Contestants Spark Fanfare On Twitter

The mullet has had a significant cultural moment over the past few years. Once derided as the ugliest haircut in the world, mullets have become the signature haircut for hipsters and hipster adjacent people. As a wise meme once said of the hairdo, «If this haircut shows up in your neighborhood, your rent is going up.» Mullets have swiftly shifted from being associated with country bumpkins to entitled zillennial garbage people, but that doesn’t mean that zillennial garbage people are better at mullets than the bible/mullet belt

This week, a significant amount of interest has been directed toward a competition called the USA Mullet Championship. Every year kids, teens, men, and women compete in a photo submission contest to see who has the most incredible mullet in the United States. This year, the kids’ category is causing quite a stir, with the adorable contestants gaining a lot of fans on Twitter. 

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