Condiment-Based Neighborly Feud Starts War On Ketchup And Brand Snobs

Having neighbors is one of the oddest types of relationships that we cultivate. They’re basically forced upon us on a regular basis, like a sort of colleague for our house. At the same time, it’s uncommon to spend a large amount of time and closeness with them all, as with a partner or a close family member. 

As with pretty much any kind of interpersonal connection, whether we are blessed with the perfect person next door or the family from hell is largely based on the luck of the draw. Worst of all, if you are stuck next to someone terrible, or you have a falling out with them, there’s nowhere to go except home. 

Just like any other member of the animal kingdom, us humans can get quite territorial when provoked. The place where we live is also where we are most frequently seen at our worst. As almost anyone who has lived close to other people has found out the hard way, this can lead to some interesting (or rather, headache-provoking) predicaments.

For @WoodyLuvsCoffee, this has come in the form of a serving of tomato sauce. After his neighbor asked to borrow some ketchup, then expressed distaste at his preferred brand, he refused her the condiment. This escalated into a battle of unnecessary proportions, and also happened to score him a viral tweet. However, this was only the beginning of the saga.


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