Conspiracy Theorists Go Wild After Finding Walmart Shelf Lined With Pictures Of Women

Whether they’re selling our information or dodging their taxes, it can sometimes be hard not to be a little suspicious that big corporations might be hiding some deep, dark secrets. It’s easy enough to let your imagination run wild when you’re several hours deep into conspiracy subreddits, but if you stumble upon what looks like concrete evidence things get a whole lot crazier. 

This is what seemed to happen with @559resident, who claimed to have made a disturbing find in Walmart. Looking under a shelf in what appears to be a storage area, he finds a line of stickers that have photographs of women on them, alongside a number. Clearly freaked out by the strange discovery, many of his viewers suspected the worst and threw out accusations of human trafficking or a criminal investigation waiting to happen. 

However, it seems like there may have been a less frightening explanation for the discovery he had made. Many current and former Walmart employees jumped in to say that the pictures he had found often came with pallets of fresh produce orders to document who they had been packed by. While it still doesn’t quite explain why somebody had decided to start a personal collection of them, perhaps this isn’t the front page story that it claimed to be at first.


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