Cringey LinkedIn Posts and Memes That Won’t Help You Build Your Network

Very few social media platforms are the opposite of «addictive.» I still use most of the social media sites I was on when I was 13 years old, which is admittedly kind of frightening. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram have served me well over the past ten years, and I’m not alone! The social media platforms that succeed long-term do so because they provide an enjoyable recreational experience for their users. Nobody wants to spend their few waking hours on this earth scrolling through a site that makes them miserable. Well, almost nobody. 

LinkedIn is a weird website because it’s extremely utilitarian. I’ve used LinkedIn to get jobs and internships over the years, and I’m grateful for its service. However, some people take LinkedIn a bit too far and use it as a very strange professional blog. The LinkedIn influencer is unlike the Instagram or TikTok influencer because their posts depend on their audience wanting to have as little fun as possible. On LinkedIn, every moment is a moment to network or build your professional brand, and it’s utterly exhausting and cringe to watch. 

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