Cringey People Who Were ‘Just Kidding’ and ‘Totally Didn’t Mean To’

It can be pretty tempting to save face with a lie after experiencing humiliation from something as harrowing as getting rejected by a crush. ‘Omg, someone stole my phone and texted that to you as a joke, that totally wasn’t me. I would never ask you out lol.’ The problem is, people aren’t as stupid as one might think. Better to just come clean and accept the embarrassment. And let’s be real—under no circumstances are thirst traps ever ‘accidental.’ But you know what? That’s okay! Why go through the trouble of making up some bogus excuse for posting a cute selfie? No one’s going to buy it anyway. Own that risqué self-portrait. Be proud of your inner thot. Or alternatively, if you have an unhealthy relationship with social media and feel as if you don’t exist without consistent validation in the form of ‘likes’ and ‘upvotes,’ then might I suggest going outside and touching grass?

Oopsies! How did these funny screenshots and memes get here? I just whipped up this collection of the best content from r/OopsDidntMeanTo totally by accident. I guess you might as well keep scrolling and take a look. 

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