Dastardly Boss Bans Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

I never felt less like a human being than when I worked a customer service job. Something about always having to be productive, getting harassed by customers, and not being allowed to sit and catch a break really tears you down. Your needs are not being prioritized at all, and as a result, you’re physically and mentally exhausted by the end of your shift. In situations like these, a manager can make or break your experience. At my old job, I was lucky enough to have managers that would stick up for me and help me cope with the crazy dinner rushes and the cruel customers. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of having considerate managers. Some managers are just as determined as customers to make their employees miserable. Redditor u/buffalosaucebaby shared a story about how his boss at a grocery store saw him drinking coffee while on the job and subsequently banned all employees from drinking water while at the cash register. What a control freak!

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