Doctor Memes For Medical Professionals

Going to the doctor can be incredibly un-fun. You have to get poked and prodded by a total stranger, all while divulging way too specific details about your life. No thank you. When I was a kid, I hated going to the doctor and got so worked up that I threw up on my pediatrician every time I went. I wasn’t even going to the doctor for nausea related reasons, my doctor just had such bad vibes, I had to throw up in his direction. 

Sure, going to the doctor sucks, but is it more fun to be the doctor? Also no. Despite getting the social prestige of having the job every parent would want for their kids, doctors have to deal with so much to earn those big bucks. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical school debt, work ungodly hours, and are addicted to caffeine at a level the average person would find alarming. Even though their jobs are a matter of life and death, doctors deserve a little laugh here and there; If you’re a doctor who needs your guts busted, you’ll live for this list of medical memes

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