Dog Memes That Won’t Shed All Over Your Couch

Dog people have a bit of a reputation. We’re known to be rowdy and love to shower our pets with praise at any chance. A dog person will get excited at their dog’s most uneventful behavior. Is she licking her paw? A dog person will announce this news to the room, and if they’re in the right kind of room, everyone will similarly rejoice at the dog’s accomplishment. But can you help it? I mean, she’s licking her paw in an incredibly adorable way. And she deserves it!

In the world of memes, dogs have often been the silver medalists. Although dogs are the most popular pets, cats are known as the high priests of memes. While Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat are world-renowned stars, dogs have a way of expressing themselves that makes them equally perfect for meme fame. With that in mind, enjoy this list of undeniably adorable dog memes

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