Entitled Texas Couple Roasted For Meltdown Over Shredded Cheese

AsCovid-19cases surge in Texas after what many people are calling a premature reopening, people are still complaining about masks and having to stay home. And there are some even worse people, who despite the call for citizens to stay home, are instead spending their time at restaurants and then having the gall to complain about service. 

Twitter user @jsv4 made himself ripe for roasting and parodies when he decided to criticize the service at Mi Cocina Tex Mex in Allen, Texas.

«@MiCocina_TexMex My wife, date night after 3+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas. We’ve asked 4 people, going on 18 minutes now. Just unreal at Allen, TX location. We gotta quit blaming #COVID19 for crappy service.»

He paired the text with an image of his wife looking distraught. Distraught over a lack of shredded cheese – an accompaniment that isn’t even served with fajitas. Twitter users were quick to call out this male Karen for his blatant disregard for both the pandemic and the servers who really have no choice but to serve entitled individuals who feel its their right to dine out during a national emergency. We’ve included the best roasts and parodies of the tweet here, but we’re willing to bet we’ll be seeing more. And we hope the savagery discourages other entitled folks from frivolous dining and cold-hearted complaining.

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