Fashionistas Don’t Want Kim Kardashian Touching These Iconic Fits After The Met Gala in Pearl-Clutching New Meme

It seems like only yesterday that Kim K was riling up the internet by lamenting the laziness of us proles, but she has once again found herself in hot water. This time round, it’s to do with the fallout from her Met Gala ensemble, specifically the crystals on Marilyn Monroe’s one-of-a-kind dress that she procured for the occasion. Over the past week, people have been aghast at before and after photos that have revealed irreparable damage to the historic piece of clothing. 

All in all, the fact that an aged dress has suffered some wear and tear from being taken off display for the first time sixty-odd years is not exactly headline news; as Kourtney Kardashian once famously proclaimed, «Kim, there’s people that are dying». While fans of the iconic actress and fashion history nerds may not appreciate the purported changes to the garment, Twitter users have been enjoying themselves imagining what other outfits she might pillage for other red carpet events. While she might not be cosplaying Marilyn again in a hurry, it looks like all these other icons might be off-limits, too. 

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