Father Makes Insanely Utilitarian Card For Family

Many dads aren’t known for being the most affectionate guys. These fathers tend to express their affection for their family quietly or not at all. As someone who’s dad loves to sing humorous jingles to his animal friends, I can’t really relate to this problem. However, I sympathize with people who have daddy issues caused by their fathers inability to express emotions. 

There are some dads who are so cavalier and unemotional that it goes past the point of being sad and circles on back to being funny. That is the case with TikToker Ellie Holscher. She posted a video of the uniform card her dad gives out for holidays and events, and they are truly a sight to behold.

Printed on white printer paper, Holscher’s dad simply circles the occasion they’re celebrating and the name of the person they’re celebrating. He even has an «other» option in case the person he’s sending the card to isn’t in the pre-written list of male and female family members. What a legend. 

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