Food Memes To Quell The Hunger

Sometimes, the only thing that will quench the hunger is a breakfast meal from McDonald’s. I don’t have the most refined pallet, so when I’m inconsolably hungry at 6 AM, McDonald’s breakfast is one of the only things I can think of. I’m aware that it is terrible for me. I do not eat it every day or ever regularly. But when I get my grimy paws on a sausage and egg biscuit with hash browns and a large Diet Coke, I am unshakably happy for at least five minutes.

Hunger is not always solved with a reasonable meal. Sometimes, you need something a lot more rich and gross to satisfy you, and that’s okay! There’s a reason we need food and not simply a food pill. We need to sink our teeth into something greasy every once and a while to feel alive, and I think that’s beautiful. If you’re a fast food eater, these food memes will quench your hunger for food memes

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