Former Students Share the Wildest Stories They Have From Grad School

Take it from somebody who did it — sometimes the most deranged thing you can do after racking up debt in college is to choose to do it all over again. There are many reasons why a person might go to grad school. Some just don’t want to stop being students, and others are genuinely passionate in the pursuit of knowledge. Others still think it would be a good way to make themselves even more employable (joke’s on you, idiot). 

Academia attracts a colorful selection of the rich tapestry of humanity, emphasis on the rich. This is reflected in the crazy stories that it can produce. Recently, @BiologyCarly started a thread allowing the longsuffering grad students of the world to share their wildest tales from their time in further education. You’d think it would all be worth it when you receive another degree, but that is debatable reading some of these.

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