Friend Group Throws a USA Themed Party for Their Homie Who Just Became an American Citizen, Freedom Intensifies

Becoming an American citizen is a big deal. Despite the alleged «American Dream», for immigrants, it’s actually pretty tough to get your citizenship nowadays. So when a foreigner named Sharon became a citizen, her friends threw the most outrageous American-themed rager to celebrate… and costumes were required

With all the Americanist stereotypes basically surrounding party culture anyways, the results are epic. They crushed Smirnoff Ices and Natty Lights, sang the National Anthem for karaoke, and devoured a layered white cake with the American flag on it. What could be more fun than that? Oh yeah, dressing like classic American icons like Ronald McDonald, Abe Lincoln, and a bald eagle. There’s nothing quite like doing shots in the kitchen with the Statue of Liberty and one of the Mt. Rushmore heads. So for an American coming out party, this has got to be an 11/10 on the freedom scale. We can hear the eagles screeching, the bombs bursting, and the Bacardi flowing. After that many layered liberty shots, Sharon will be puking red, white, and blue like a real American.

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