Funniest ‘Are We There Yet’ Tweets From Parents Who have Had Quite Enough

If you haven’t had the luxury of driving long distances with children, or really this is also applicable to very short distances as well, then you wouldn’t be familiar with the joys of responding to their constant question, «Are we there yet?» You see, the question makes sense, often times we, adults, would also like to know if we have arrived at our desired location, but we will usually give it a good amount of time before checking to see how much of a drive it is left. Kids, on the other hand, use an entirely different logic. They will ask away as they please. Some kids will literally pop the question while buckling their seatbelts sitting in front of their home.


We love curiosity, and want to encourage kids to ask away, but there is a special level of pissed off that this question brings parents to. At least we can all laugh together at eloquent Tweets about that very annoying situation.

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