Funniest «Avatar: The Way of Water» Tweets to Celebrate its Release

It’s been thirteen long years since the record breaking Avatar graced our screens, and we’re finally being blessed with the sequel. It was about time that James Cameron gave us another instalment of the highest grossing movie ever, and the initial reviews seem to promise that it won’t disappoint.

We’ve still got two days before we’re able to see Avatar: The Way of Water on the big screen, but it’s fair to say that this hasn’t stopped the hype. Wannabe viewers everywhere have been giving their two cents on the famous franchise, with some amusing results. Even if you can’t remember a single character from the last movie, you can still get behind some of these funny tweets. There are probably going to be plenty more where these came from soon, but in the meantime, we will simply have to enjoy these. Connecting to your inner Na’vi was never so simple. 

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