Funniest Broke Memes for Christmas Lovers Whose Friends Are Getting Coal This Year

As a kid, Christmas is a time where it seems like every adult in the world has infinite money to buy you things that you’ll play with one time then get bored of. The tree is bursting with gifts and it’s hard to choose which one to open first. As an adult, that dream is debunked and you realize that gifts are expensive and nobody has infinite money— especially you. We’ve got bills to pay, family to visit in New Mexico, and we have to pay the dog sitter to watch our fur child for 5 nights at $150/night. Sorry friends, there’s no gift for you this year. All the money in our bank accounts are going to practical things like utilities, gas, and groceries. Even that might be a stretch. Being broke during Christmas means that you’re extra broke after the new year. Anyone interested in Cup of Noodles for our Christmas feast? 

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