Funniest Dua Lipa Memes That Will Make You Want to Kiss Her

Scandals are just unraveling left and right for celebrities these days and we’re living for it. Recently, Dua Lipa has been in the spotlight for a secrets smooch she stole from Trevor Noah late one night that somebody spotted. Now her fans are asking if they are dating and they don’t know how to feel about it. Either way, it mades us dive into the world of Dua Lipa memes and oh man are they good. If you are already a Due Lipa fan then oh boy are these for you! Just sprinkle these Lipa memes into everyday life. Have the urge to call up your ex one night after a few rounds of drinks? Remember rule 1 from Dua Lipa! Or, maybe you aren’t as familiar with her songs, still, she provides the internet with enough meme-able material that anyone can enjoy!

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