Funniest Homebody Memes for People Who’ve Happily Committed to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Lifestyle

It’s hard to say exactly how one reaches the title of an expert-level homebody. Is there an exam that you have to take that qualifies you to call yourself by that name? Or perhaps is it just a feeling that one has after they realized it’s been a long time since they’ve initiated a plan with somebody else and actually voluntarily exited their home for some external purpose? It might be true that the best homebodies are the ones that you forget about because they’ve done such a good job of slowly ghosting other people in their life. We’re just being dramatic of course though, most people who are perceived as homebodies just prefer to be around a select amount of people whom they actually like, whereas Other people feel much more fulfilled by surrounding themselves with as many people as possible. Whichever category you fit into, whether you shift from day to day, you’ll probably find these Memes to be entertaining.

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