Funniest Non-Denominational Memes for Sassy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

Being a child of Christ is a tough path. Everyone’s looking at you to be the «good» one, but guess what, we’re all human. Sometimes Christians aren’t exactly the exemplary folks they’re trying to be. So maybe you’ve bailed on church on a Sunday morning because you’re too hungover to walk. Or maybe you swore in front of the children’s ministry when a 4 year old threw a plastic toy truck at your face. Or you refused to round up to the next dollar to help orphans through the local grocery store’s charity system. Perhaps you’ve even caught yourself staring at a man’s grey sweatpants in line at the Chik-fil-A… We’ve all been there sis and fortunately, Jesus forgives. 

So log back into your Bible app and start reading because it’s not all over for you. Us Christian folks gotta acknowledge our humanity and just get over it. Move past the inevitable and just try your best. In the meantime, you’re welcome to make some snarky jokes about your biggest weaknesses, using humor to cope with the wily temptations of the devil.

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