Funniest Parenting Memes From This Week That Are Painfully Relatable

Parenthood is so weird. It’s like the most difficult life-changing thing anyone could ever go through and it makes you feel totally insane sometimes, but then your kid looks are you with their innocent eyes and they say «I love you» in the most pure and unconditional way and it makes it all worth it. Amiright? Before you have kids you worry about raising a little jerk, but once you have kids, you just worry about making sure they don’t try to hide in the oven when you’re playing hide-n-seek. The little monsters need guidance so they don’t do something dumb and getting injured. They NEED you. Which is crazy stressful, but the love you have for your kid… It’s inexplicable. It makes you want to explode in every possible meaning of the metaphor. So applaud the parents and send them all the memes you can! They deserve and NEED a moment of lighthearted laughter. These parenting memes are for you!

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