Funniest Patagonia Memes for Finance Guys and Resident Doctors Who Must Have a Vest for Every Season

There was an announcement recently that the CEO of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, will be stepping down from his $3 billion dollar clothing company. Not only that, but from now on, Patagonia profits will be donated directly into efforts to stop climate change. 


Score one for the Earth! But that doesn’t mean that every finance guy’s favorite outerwear brand is going out of business— no no no – Every wall street wannabe will still be able to sport the world’s comfiest fleece on their way to Midtown.


Finance guys aren’t the only ones celebrating Patagucci. Trust fund college kids, resident nurses, and Ph.D candidates will still be able to sport their go-to, over priced adventure wear. Despite being a brand that always advertises utility, quality, and outdoorsy-ness, there are a surprising number of people that simply wear their brand as a commuter clothes or as simple loungewear in the house. However you choose to wear Patagonia, just know that now, that means you’re also supporting our Earth.

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