Funniest Responses from New Yorkers About the Poor Air Quality from the Canadian Wildfires

Well, as it keeps getting worse and worse environmentally out there, we have had yet another crisis that gives a glarring example of irreversible damage we’ve done to our planet. Yes, wildfires in Canada do come every year, they call it wildfire season. Funny thing about that though, is that it is WAY too early in the season for it to already be in the wildfire turn. Curious thing, isn’t it? These kinds of hazardous climate changes are happening more and more all around the world. Many people are trying their best to fight it, to bring awareness to it, and work hard to get politics on their side. However, since the wildfire smoke traveling to NYC and making it the WORST air quality in the world for a couple of days, it’s starting to feel hopeless. Not to be a downer, but like… Wtf else can we do?? Well, all we have are memes, so memes it is… Hope this encourages you to start taking climate change more seriously, or if you already do, then we hope this makes you laugh…  We guess? Anyways, New Yorkers have a one of a kind sense of humor and when it comes to sticky situations—which is nothing new to the city that never sleeps—they handle it the best way the know how, with humor and sarcasm. Enjoy their reactions to the Canadian wildfire smoke in their city below!

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