Funniest Rock Climbing Memes for Fans of Scaling Heights

It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy scrambling up large horizontal rock formations in their spare time. You’ve got to love being outdoors in all weathers, and put aside any pressing fears about heights. You’ve got to be accepting that you’ll get a few callouses and weird bruises, and that wearing a load of protective gear is essential (unless you go really crazy). 

All these sacrifices are worth it, though, for the rush that comes from scaling something successfully. Just like all sports, it’s that feeling of accomplishment after putting in the work that is hard to beat. Not everyone was born to be a climber, but that only makes it even more special to those who love it. Only those who love to climb will ever know the satisfaction of finding the perfect foothold, and enjoying those incredible views. Anyone can waste some time scrolling through these memes, though.

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