Funniest Sci-Fi Memes of the Week (March 10, 2023)

Science is so crazy in real life that you wouldn’t think that we need to make up stuff about it for entertainment. Nonetheless, one of the most popular genres of movies, TV, and literature is based around exactly that. The power of imagination has given us some absorbing and occasionally terrifying ideas of what technology could be like, all underpinned by classic characters and stories that legions of fans have grown to love.

It’s not just these that keep us coming back for more. The healthy crop of memes that sci fi inspires also play a part in retaining fans for all those entries to the genre that have stood the test of time (and even some of those who don’t). It has to be said that these sci fi memes really add to the experience of the content that they steal from. The in jokes are plenty, and the nerdery continues.

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