Funniest Spoiler-Free Tweets About ‘Cocaine Bear’

Elizabeth Banks’ Cocaine Bear is due to be released tomorrow, February 24th, but has already blessed the screens of a limited number of theaters around the country. The aptly titled film chronicles the journey of a 500-pound black bear who consumes an enormous amount of cocaine and causes drug-fueled mayhem around Georgia. While the premise seems a bit ridiculous, the movie, as of publishing, boasts an impressive 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a feat that seems unbelievable when considering the subject matter. 

We haven’t yet seen the raucous picture or enjoyed its oddball characters, but we are enjoying the banter the film has inspired on Twitter. It seems that the site’s most prolific users are very eager to make jokes about the movie, the bear, and (of course) cocaine – and we’re not complaining. In fact, we’re bookmarking left and right. This means we can bring the spoiler-free funnies straight to your laptop, desktop, or phone screens. If these jokes are any indication of the humor we have to look forward to, color us pleased.

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