Funniest Zoom Memes to Secretly Send Your Favorite Coworkers During a Zoom Meeting

After the plague in 2020 we all know too well about video conferences—specifically good ‘ole Zoom. Somehow this video conferencing app was able to swoop its way in front of Skype, Google Meet, and Facetime and be the most common one used for meetings. So what does that mean? It’s means there are a whole bunch of memes making fun of it. The hours employees have spent on Zoom after 2020 is unprecedented. Now it’s 2022 and Zoom is still coming in hot for meetings. It’s been a great tool to keep working from home. People root for the audio only, but even video is still ok because you just need to dress the top half of yourself and keep the other half in pajamas mode. For real though, most of these Zoom meetings should have been an email. Just because we can Zoom doesn’t mean we should, ya know?

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