Funny Times Video Games Offered Wisdom & Advice

Video games can be notoriously unhelpful—it almost feels like there’s an unspoken inside joke among video game creators who like to do a little trolling and make loading screen tips as dumb as possible. Sometimes the advice is embedded in the game dialogue itself, like when Para-Medic from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater says, «when you get shot, you’ll sometimes suffer a gunshot wound.» It’s not all bad and unhelpful, though. In fact, video games can be surprisingly enlightened when they want to be. Twitter account @VGAdvisor is an excellent repository of video game wisdom and advice, mostly from older video games that were often surprisingly prescient—»Conserve fuel! Don’t you know it is expensive?» We’ve collected a bunch of our favorite screenshots from Video Game Advisor for fans of gaming and accidental memes

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