Gamer’s Dumb Take on Femininity Gets Roasted With Memes

We’re sad to report that there are still gamers in 2023 who are not only mad about seeing realistic depictions of female human characters in video games, but also feel inclined to tweet about their bad opinions no one asked for. Case in point, one dude called @poliwar_94 on Twitter recently announced his approval of the faceless femme robot twins from Atomic Heart and used them as an example of a good representation of femininity in video games, while expressing contempt for studios that create characters like Ellie from The Last of Us, or Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West. What’s funnier is that @poliwar_94 didn’t even use images of the actual robot twins from the game in his post; instead he used fan art in which the robots’ shiny metallic curves are ridiculously exaggerated. Someone should warn these gamers that they’re just admitting to the whole damn internet that they have no idea what a woman looks like IRL. 

Twitter did what it does best and used @poliwar_94’s own tweet as a snowclone to point out the absurdity of his point. We’ve collected some of our favorites. 

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