Girl Causes Brother’s Meltdown After Paying $100 To Put Air In Tires

There’s nothing like a trip to the mechanic to leave your wallet crying out for mercy, and not just when that weird noise your car makes starts to get too loud to ignore. Mechanics can be some of the biggest professional scammers out there, especially when your knowledge of vehicles stops with your driver’s license. 

This is what __kenyah recently found out to her own expense. After realizing that the tires on her car needed more air, a visit to her local tire shop to fix the problem set her back $100. Consulting her brother after the purchase, his dramatic reaction quickly convinces her that she might have been conned — as well as amusing the millions of TikTok users who she shared the exchange with. Perhaps the most important moral to this story is that the blissfully ignorant among us could really do with consulting a car lover before we make any vehicular purchases.


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