Girlboss Roasted For Cringey and Unconvincing Hunting Profile Pic

We here at Memebase are firm believers in letting people enjoy things. As with anything else, though, there are exceptions. If you enjoy picking your nose and eating your boogers, we’re not going to support you. If you enjoy pulling the plug on people on life support to charge your phone, that’s not going to fly either. Drinking a pumpkin spice latte or light beer, however, is AOK. People who shame others for their tastes are usually sad people – gatekeeping or roasting the most basic of interests or activities (like drinking beverages) is not the sign of a person with a healthy mindset. And oftentimes, gatekeepers are the ones who deserve roasting. 

We stumbled upon one such individual on Twitter this week, thanks to a post from @chrisiousity

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