Girls Pockets vs. Boys Pockets: Meme Culture’s Favorite Cause

Choosing what clothes to wear can be a minefield for many people. There are practical considerations to think of, as well as when and where the outfit is going to be worn. That’s before you even get started on the complicated, ever-changing and sometimes alarming rules of fashion, and other peoples’ opinions on your style.

As far as memes are concerned, though, one issue ranks higher than the others: it’s all about the pockets. What started out as a utilitarian clothing feature has become a bona fide cottage industry of internet content.

On Reddit, the theme has enjoyed an uptick in popularity thanks to the new Girls Pockets Vs. Boys Pockets meme. The comparison reveals that the difference in pocket space is even greater than was originally thought. However, it’s not the first to point it out.

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