Goofy Examples of Animals in Places They Aren’t Supposed to Be

What is it with the animal kingdom and getting into hijinks that they shouldn’t? From seagulls stealing sandwiches to moose in elementary schools, it seems that creatures great and small just can’t help themselves when it comes to interfering with the everyday life of humans. Perhaps they’re just curious, or confused about why we do the things we do, where we do them. That, or they are instigating small acts of petty revenge on us for the environmental havoc that we continue to wreak on this planet we share on a daily basis.

No matter what the reason for these disturbances is, they happen surprisingly often — and can turn out some pretty amusing results. A place that knows this all too well is animals in the wrong places, who document all the funniest examples of critters run amok in the world of people. Some of these might be pretty chaotic, but that makes them all the more amusing. 


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