Guy Flees Ambulance, Prompts Speculation And Jokes

You know that something has gone wrong somewhere down the line if you find yourself  unexpectedly on the way to hospital. Mishaps, freak accidents and body failure may happen to lots of us on the regular, but it can sometimes be hard to believe that one day it will be you who has the misfortune of experiencing it. While it might come as an unpleasant surprise, it’s not as common to find people trying to escape their fate, as shown in a recent viral video uploaded by @meredithscharinge74

In it, a man is shown on a stretcher about to be put in an ambulance. However, before the paramedics can act he jumps off and runs away down the street, almost knocking over a waiter that he crosses paths with. The whole scene plays out like an outlandish comedy skit, and viewers were quick to joke about his lack of health insurance. One thing’s for sure, most of us wouldn’t go that far to avoid the hospital bill.

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