Harry Potter Memes For Those Still Crying About The Marauders

I know it has been said hundreds of thousands of times by Harry Potter fans everywhere, but the Mauraders deserved better. Imagine being Lupin and watching your entire friend group die before they reach 40, only to die before you turn 40. One of his friends was killed by Voldemort, one was falsely imprisoned and villainized by the media, and the other turned over to the side of the Death Eaters. The trauma, drama, and absolute conflama of the Maurader’s lives can sometimes be too much for me to bear. Also, why did J.K. Rowling have to kill off Lupin? Was she just so obsessed with watching Potterheads cry that she had to off one of Harry’s last connections to his father? Whenever the question of «whose life would you save from Harry Potter» comes up, I’m gunning for my man Lupin 100% of the time. So sorry, Sirius, so sorry James, sorry not sorry, Wormtail. 

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