‘I’l let you lick the lollipop’: 15+ Raunchy Songs That People Sang as Kids That Aged Like Milk

Now That’s What I Call Music CD mixes were invented so that mom’s could play hot new songs in the car for their kiddos, while avoiding the inevitable debauchery, raunchiness, and foul language of other CD’s. Although the songs were simply the insufferable radio edits, parental figures everywhere could rest easy knowing their kiddo was learning the censored version of every song. Little did they know, we learned the real lyrics ANYWAYS on the Internet or at school. So even if we had no idea what they were talking about in tunes like ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine, you better believe we knew every word.

So for those of us lyrical geniuses who eventually grew up, we realized all the foulness that we were singing when we were way to young to know better. If that’s you, you are certainly not alone. Check out what Redditor’s revealed about the raunchy songs they sang as kids that are now aging very inappropriately. 

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