Insightful Thread Reveals How People Improved Their Quality of Life With Simple Changes

Happiness isn’t something that just drops into your lap one day like winning the lottery. Joy doesn’t simply arrive after some sort of spontaneous spiritual awakening. Quality of life is largely dependent on the conditions of one’s environment, and although many of the things that affect those conditions are out of our control, some of them are. And as mundane as it sounds, sometimes it’s the little changes that improve quality of life in ways we wouldn’t expect. Like getting a trolly for carrying laundry and groceries home instead of lugging them around every week, or setting clear boundaries with your employer as soon as you get a new job, or deleting all social media apps, or deciding not to care about whether anyone likes you or not. Some of these things seem pretty obvious, but how often do you actually try to change something in your life? In this surprisingly insightful thread, wise redditors open up about the ways in which their lives changed for the better after doing the work to improve conditions instead of just thinking about it. For some, all it took was buying a Roomba, while others improved their quality of life by cutting unhealthy habits out of their lives. The point is, no matter how small or substantial the improvement is, everything counts. 

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